Stock Available For Sale or Wanted on Farm

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Status Description Photo Location Reference
For Sale 26 Registered Lleyn Shearling Ewes Davies Flock 02858 Sept 2021 Herefordshire 200921HD
For Sale Registered 2018 Ram Steven Walker 2950 Ram For Sale Sept 2021 Devon 160921SW
For Sale Registered Breeding Rams George Drewett Flock 2371 Ram Sept 2021 JPEG.jpg Wiltshire 160921GD
For Sale 80 Lleyn Ewe Lambs (will split)  Vaughan 01468 Sept 2021.jpeg  Pembrokeshire  080921RV
Wanted Shearling Ewe NO IMAGE AVAILABLE.jpg Suffolk 080921TH
For Sale Shearling Ram T & B Mitton Flock 2856 - 070921 Carmarthen 070921TM
Wanted 60-120 Lleyn Shearling Gimmers/Young Ewes NO IMAGE AVAILABLE.jpg UK 250821RH
Wanted Lleyn Sheep Semen for Export to Argentina NO IMAGE AVAILABLE.jpg UK 130821JP
Wanted Draft Lleyn Ewes NO IMAGE AVAILABLE.jpg UK 260721CS
Wanted Lleyn embryos for export to USA NO IMAGE AVAILABLE.jpg UK 140721SB
Wanted Lleyn embryos and semen for export  NO IMAGE AVAILABLE.jpg  UK  050721RG
Wanted Mixed ages, flock Dispersal or reduction for new flock NO IMAGE AVAILABLE.jpg Wiltshire/Nationwide 280521TB
Wanted Lleyn Shearling Ewes, MVA  NO IMAGE AVAILABLE.jpg  Leicestershire  170521DC
Wanted Mixed ages, flock dispersal or reduction  NO IMAGE AVAILABLE.jpg  UK  170521PL

Terms & Conditions

If you would like to advertise here please contact the Society Promotions Officer by EMAIL

Only fully paid up members of the Society can advertise SHEEP FOR SALE on this page.

Only Registered Lleyn sheep can be advertised FOR SALE on this page.

Please note: the information in the above 'FOR SALE' adverts has been provided by the seller (member). The Lleyn Sheep Society accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions, and it is the responsibility of the purchaser to make all necessary enquiries and to check all information (including registration status).

Please note:  in the above 'WANTED' adverts the Society is showing information which has been supplied by the potential purchaser.  It is the responsibility of the seller to undertake all necessary checks and arrange payment before allowing the purchaser to remove the sheep from their holding.

To advertise SHEEP FOR SALE here there is a charge of £35 + vat for 30 days.  All adverts will be displayed for 30 days maximum after which they will then be taken down unless you renew and pay a further £35 + vat for another 30 days. If you wish to have the advert removed sooner, please contact us.

Dispersal, reduction or production sale adverts will be charged at £50 + vat for 30 days.

Once you have sent details of your advert, the Society office will forward you an invoice for immediate payment.

SHEEP WANTED adverts will be placed free of charge for 30 days, after which they will be removed.

GDPR - By providing your contact details you agree that they will be posted via the advert online for potential customers to see.  These details will not be used for any other purpose by the LSS,

Photos can be accepted at no extra cost to help enhance your advert.  You can send up to 6 photos per advert.

The purchaser/seller will contact you (seller/purchaser) direct, it is up to the two parties to negotiate the sale.  The Lleyn Sheep Society takes no role in negotiating sales.  You might wish to use an Auction Company as an intermediary.

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