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Hi, just a little introduction about myself. I’m Will Roobottom based in Staffordshire where we farm 500 acres and I manage the flock of 150 pedigree Lleyn ewes. Having founded the flock in 2015 and new to the breed I was looking for ways first to get to know other breeders but secondly to advertise my stock when selling. As we all know when you’re new to the game it’s far harder to get noticed. This is what lead me to start a Facebook and Instagram account about the flock and in no time the plan worked! I was getting to know other breeders and picking up sales. But really this is where it all started. As interest began to rise my follower base grew and I started a YouTube channel too, showing videos of pretty much everything that goes on at the farm at home. Doing this has given me so many opportunities, I’ve met loads of interesting and likeminded people as well as picking up hints and tips to help me along the way. But the main thing I’m trying to get across is that social media is such a powerful tool and without it I’m pretty sure that many people still wouldn’t know who I am today.

Did you know that 78% of people selling products using social selling are outselling their peers who aren’t? This means if you are active within social media, you are more likely to sell your stock for a price you are happy with and on average higher prices. On top of this still, there has never been as much interest in farming as now. So why not get started on social media?

Here is a little guide which you use to help you getting started on social media.

7 steps to Creating a social media account

1, Search Facebook or Instagram in google (you can do this on your phone, Tablet or computer)

2, Click on the top search which will take you to the Facebook/Instagram page

3, Click create an account

4, Enter your details and then click sign up

5, You will now receive an email to confirm you are all setup up and this will direct you back to Facebook/Instagram with your account all set up

6, If you are Instagram you will then need to create a page. On the left-hand side of Facebook on your computer you will see a tab called pages, click this then click create page.

7, You then fill out the details you would like for your page. These will be for example would be a page Name of “ABC Lleyns”. Click create page and you are done!

Now your account is all setup what you want to do is get sharing your sheep. Take photos of anything you would like to talk about on your page. For example is you would like to show off your shearling ewes for sale. Take a photo of the group write something about them and post. This can literally be done for anything and anything you do. The more you post the more your page will grow.

I really hope that helped and can get you started on social media. If you have any questions more questions, feel free to pop me a message to give you a call. If you want any inspiration. My page Names are below.

Facebook: @CowleyHillLleyn

Instagram: @CowleyHillfarm

YouTube: Cowley Hill Farm

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