The Lleyn has Crossing Ability

The Lleyn ewe is very adaptable and is suited to being crossed by most, if not all terminal sires.  Crossing a Lleyn with a terminal sire will result in premium quality lambs and can compliment any terminal sire breed.

Suffolk x Lleyn Suffolk x Lleyn

Hampshire Down x Lleyn Hampshire Down x Lleyn

Blue Texel x Lleyn Texel x Lleyn

Beltex x Lleyn prime lambs

Beltex x Lleyn

Charollais x LleynCharollais x Lleyn

Lleyn Mule - BFL x Lleyn with Texel lamb

BFL x Lleyn (Lleyn Mule)

[Shown with Texel sired lamb]

Here are some examples, this list is not exhaustive:

Suffolk x Lleyn

The Suffolk on the Lleyn ewe produces a fast growing lamb that has length and conformation. Can easily achieve 40kg live weight but can be taken to much heavier weights if desired.

Charollais x Lleyn

The Charollais onto the Lleyn ewe produces a very tight skinned saleable prime lamb, good to fatten with good growth rates. They are also easy to lamb.

Texel x Lleyn

The Texel onto the Lleyn ewe produces a lamb with good conformation and shape. Texel lambs can be sold as light weight lambs or taken onto heavy lambs. They finish easily.

Hampshire Down x Lleyn

The Hampshire onto the Lleyn produces a good framed lamb that has very good growth rates.

Beltex x Lleyn 

The Beltex is renowned for its carcase traits, when crossed with the Lleyn the ewe will milk the lambs well helping growth whilst the Beltex will help give confirmation and high killing out percentages.

Texel x Beltex x Lleyn

Crossed rams produce some very saleable prime lambs that have excellent conformation and shape. Suitable for early or late lambing.

Blue Texel x Lleyn

The Blue Texel onto a Lleyn ewe produces shapely white lambs with excellent conformation. Also easy lambing.

Southdown x Lleyn

Again a popular cross for encouraging growth rates.

Lleyn x Cheviot

If you are wanting more prolificacy into your Cheviot flock then a Lleyn ram can inject this trait. Lleyn crossed onto a Cheviot will give you more lambs, good skins whilst still producing a white faced lamb. The lambs will get up on their feet quickly.

Lleyn x Scottish Blackface

This cross produces a lamb that will have lambs that are soon on their feet suckling. They will have better skins and be hardier.

Blue Faced Leicester x Lleyn (Lleyn Mule)

Produces a white faced, tight skinned crossbred ewe.  This cross works well when put back to a terminal sire.  


You should choose the sire that suits your system and provids for your needs.  What may suit one producer may not suit another.  

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