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Lleyn Carcases - Hit the Spec!


What the Abattoir Procurement Manager says:

Derek Steen, Ballylinney Livestock has been supplying Scotbeef with Lleyn prime lamb for the last 15 years.  Derek sends in his lambs to us in the summer/autumn months mainly off grass with last lots finished of forage rape.  I am confident to source lamb from Derek as the quality of his lambs make them suitable for both the UK retail trade and export markets. The supply of Lleyn lamb from Derek consistently meets the quality needed due to the fact that he pays attention to drawing the lambs on a regular basis.   He sends lambs in when they are ready, and doesn’t sit on them and watch the trade.  Lambs that go over weight or over fat go out of spec, hence incurring price penalties.  The modern consumer knows what they want and what they are willing to pay for. Over weight, over fat lambs are no use to anyone.

The above example kill sheets are for Lleyn lambs sent in by Derek.  As you will see U, R, 3L and 3H grades are the normal for these Lleyn lambs.  Note the weights mainly 18 – 21kg.  This is what we want our farmers to be supplying.  These are the and grades that we can pay the optimum price on.

If the lambs did not do the job we would not repeat our custom but in the case of Derek and his Lleyn lambs they are meeting my needs as a lamb Procurement Manager here at Scotbeef.

Bill MacKinnon, Procurement Manager, Scotbeef


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