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Ignace_1.jpgLleyn in the Country of Beer & Chocolates.

Ignace Lootvoet, Lowlandfarm, Lo, Belgium, Flock 2107

I guess it is the first time ever an article about Belgium appears in the Lleyn flock book? So maybe it is best that I start with some facts & figures about Belgium. For a lot of people, Belgium is the country they pass through when travelling to Holland, Germany or other summer and winter destinations. Maybe our capital, Brussels, is more recognised than the country itself, every farmer in Europe mentions the capital of Europe (sorry France/Strasbourg) at least once a day. [More]

Bowen_1.jpgLleyn in France

Lleyn are no longer confined to the UK. We already know that there is a growing number in Ireland and with the support of our clubs and members out there numbers look set to carry on increasing. There are now Society members and Lleyn sheep in France.

Paul and Alison Bowen moved out to Eymoutiers, France in 2005. They bought the farm complete with sheep. They decided to continue farming as the previous farmer had but soon realised that there were improvements to be made. Over the five years they have amended the system to suit their needs. They have now got their feet on the ground and are a lot closer to where they want to be with the enterprise. The main change they have made is lambing only 2 or 3 times a year instead of 8! Yes 8! Paul says they were all “brebis du pays”, a real mix of breeds and crosses. [More]

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