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Midlands Flock Features

The Lleyn Ewe Works Hard for Us

Phyl, David & Danny HaleThe future of the farming industry is very much on the Hale’s minds, with uncertainty around the ELMS payment scheme possibly seeing some farmers moving to part time. “If this is the case, the Lleyn is well placed as the breeding ewe of choice as she is easy lambed, milky and an attentive mother, all useful traits if you are not able to be on hand full time.” Farmers moving to larger more intense operation will also benefit from a ewe that knows her job. Phyl’s own personal experience from the early days of renting up to 14 miles away meant that overnight the sheep were left to get on with it “I don’t think any other breed would have looked after me so well”. Read more [HERE]

DSC_1909.jpgJCB Farms, Stoke on Trent

Matt notes that there have been Lleyn at JCB for many years, the decision was taken in 2014 to produce registered stock “with a view to improving genetics within the whole sheep enterprise whilst having 100% ownership of our genetics”.  Read more [HERE]

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