Lleyn Sheep Society Sale at Ballymena Mart 2018

A solid sale at Ballymena with a positive trade for the females.  The shearling ewes saw only one pen without a new home at the end of the day.  A handful of smaller ewe lambs did not find new homes.  Ram buyers were selective but chosen rams saw a demand.

The shearling ewe section saw RA Johnston, Portrush sell for the top price through the ring with the second prize pen which sold for £240/head to D Mullen, Coleraine.  Mr Mullen sold the top priced pen which were passed through the ring but later found a bidder, C & H Long, Lifford at £250/head.  The first prize pen from C & A Kennedy, Ballyclare sold for £200/head to A Caldwell, Clough. A Bothwell, Maguiresbridge and J Coulter, Newtownard both sold pens at £195/head.

The ewe lambs saw a strong trade for tupping type lambs with over 20 pens selling for the £100 plus mark.  A Bothwell topped with his third prize pen selling for £155/head to S Ward, Magherafelt.  Next, B & E Latimer, Trillick sold the second prize pen for £140/head to D Mullen.  C B Quigley, Strabane sold the first prize pen at £130/head to W McKane, Strabane.

The rams were topped by B & E Latimer, with the third prize ram Girgadis Goliath (01694/1702900), sired by Netherton Eddy.  He sold for 1350gns to J McKavanagh, Lurgan.  Next J & C Kennedy, Ballyclare sold the Champion Ram, Skilganaban Goliath (02302/1702222) sired by Preenbank Evan for 1000gns to W McKane, Strabane.  R Millen, Coleraine sold the first ram into the ring, Knockmult Lleyns Glacier (02153/1701569), sired by a Derek Steen ram for 900gns to S Murnagan, Kilkeel.


Ewes to £112

Shearling Ewes to £250 av. £156

Ewe Lambs to £155 av. £94

Rams to 1350gns av. £621


Shearling Ewes

D Mullen £250

RA Johnston £240

C & A Kennedy £200

A Bothwell £195

J Coulter £195

A Bothwell £190

RA Johnston £190

J Coulter £188

A Bothwell £185

RJ Johnston £185

Ewe Lambs

A Bothwell £155

B Latimer £140

CB Quigley £130

J Coulter £120

B Latimer £118

J Coulter £118

J Coulter £115

J & C Kennedy £115

B Latimer £115


B Latimer 1350gns

J & C Kennedy 1000gns

R Millen 900gns

S Killen 880gns

S Killen 800gns

CB Quigley 800gns

R Millen 700gns

D Mullen 700gns

C & A Kennedy 550gns


Judge: Ifor Jones

Pen of 5 Shearling Ewes 

  1. C & A Kennedy
  2. R. A. Johnston
  3. R. Manson
  4. J. Coulter

Pen of 5 Ewe Lambs

  1. C. B. Quigley
  2. B & E Latimer
  3. A. Bothwell
  4. J. Coulter

Aged Ram

  1. J. Coulter
  2. A. Bothwell

Shearling Ram

  1. J & C Kennedy
  2. C & A Kennedy
  3. B & E Latimer
  4. D. Mullan 


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