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Sale at Exeter Mart – Thursday 22nd August 2019

Todays sale saw a confident trade for sheep ready to go to work this autumn.  Shearling ewes saw a solid trade throughout with the same average as 2018 whilst the earlier balloted rams were also finding homes easily, the ram average up £82 on the year.

The older ewes saw a 100% clearance with RHS Turner, Honiton topping the section with a pen of six 2 year old selling for £120/head to Lee Abbey Fellowship, Lynton.  Mr Turner also sold a pen of ten for £110/head to the same buyer.

The shearling ewes saw a busy ringside with many local buyers but also those that had travelled from Cornwall and Northamptonshire.  With a ‘grassier’ summer than 2018 the quality of sheep was clear to see.  The smarter sheep were regularly selling for £145 - £160/head.  There was still the chance to purchase sound sheep form £120-£135/head.  E & E Jones, Machynlleth sold the top priced pen.  The pen of five had been second in the pre-sale show and sold for £178/head to JA & R Waters, Kingsbridge.  G & A Fort who had travelled down from West Yorkshire sold a pen of five for £175/head to R Flenley, Stickle Path.  There were three pens sold for £162/head, one pen consigned from P & S Eckett, Umberleigh, a further two pens from Twose Farms Ltd, Whitland.  The Champion pen from A Parker, Cullompton sold for £160/head to G Crossley, Truro.

There was once again the class for the best individual shearling ewe which saw the strongest entry ever with 15 in the class.  £200/head was realised twice.  Firstly AW Davies, Pwllheli sold the first prize and Mrs SE Hughes, Garndolbenmaen sold the second prize both purchased by Highgate Farm Partnership, Lostwithiel.

The ewe lambs met a more select trade with fewer buyers around the ringside.  DW & CF Morris, Carmarthern sold their well grown pen of five tupping lambs for £130/head to T Hooper, Liskeard.  AT & CM West sold their first prize pen of five for £108/head to SP Gubbin & Son, Launceston.  C Price, Brecon sold a pen of 5 in the ring for £100/head to SP Gubbin & Son, Launceston.  He then sold a pen of 10 outside the ring for £100/head to WG Smythe & Son, Barnstaple.  There were a few pens picked out which got into the £80-90 mark.  Other pens of running lambs were selling around the £65-75 mark.

Again, when it came to the rams, the ring filled up with buyers and a lively atmosphere.  The first 30 rams were easily sold with all those picked getting away above 300gns with many over 450gns.  The second half of the sale saw more rams not sold with only those picked out getting away although at confident prices.  It was the second to last ram into the ring that caused the most excitement.  RHS Turner brought forward Brindifield Harrison which had won the West Country Club Member ram class the night before.  Sired by a Christine Lewis ram, he had stood first at Devon County Show.  He was purchased for 2200gns by AW Davies, Pwllheli.

It was the Champion ram consigned by AW Davies, Pwllheli which saw the next top.  Bronallt Huws, by a Robert Johnston ram, had been placed at both the Great Yorkshire and the Royal Welsh Show in the summer.  He was taken home by JA & R Waters, Kingsbridge after a bid of 1650gns.  E & D Jones, Machynlleth sold Lluest Harry, sired by Laga Fantastic.  He had won the Signet Recorded class in the show.  For 1500gns he was taken home by DF & OM Bond, Chichester.


Senior Ewes to £120 av. £93.50 (+7.40)

Shearling Ewes to £178 (£200) av. £142.00 (=)

Ewe Lambs to £130 av. £80.00 (-15.00)

Rams to 2200gns av. £592.00 (+82.00)


Top Prices

Senior Ewes

RHS Turner £120

RHS Turner £110

J & G Adams £106

Shearling Ewes (pens)

E & D Jones £178

G & A Fort £175

P & S Eckett £162

Twose Farms £162 (x2)

E & D Jones £160 (x2)

A Parker £160

Harpers Holding £160

A Thomas £158

S Redwood £158

Shearling Ews (individual)

AW Davies £200

SE Hughes £200

Ewe Lambs

DW & CF Morris £130

AT & CM West £108

C Price £100 (x2)

C Price £90

Twose Farms £85

J & G Adams £82

Twose Farms £81

R Hicks £80 (x2)

A Parker £80

AW Davies £80


RHS Turner (59) 2200gns

AW Davies (12) 1650gns

E & D Jones (9) 1500gns

E & D Jones (7) 1000gns

AW Davies (11) 1000gns

RHS Turner (57) 800gns

WJ & DJ Williams (15) 750gns

AW Davies (13) 700gns

WJ & DJ Williams (16) 650gns

Show Results

Judges: Females – Mr Dudley Shellard

Rams – Miss Cathy Evans

Individual Shearling Ewe

  1. AW Davies
  2. SE Hughes
  3. S Redwood

Pen of 5 Ewe Lambs

  1. AT & CM West
  2. A Parker
  3. WJ & DJ Williams

Pen of 5 Shearling Ewes

  1. A Parker
  2. E & D Jones
  3. AW Davies

Champion Pen of Females – A Parker (shearling ewes)

Aged Ram

  1. R & J Twose (28)
  2. RH Turner (57)
  3. AW Davies (11)

Signet Recorded Ram

  1. E & D Jones (9)
  2. J & G Adams (35)
  3. T & B Fort (37)

West Country Club Member Ram

  1. RH Turner (59)
  2. RH Turner (60)
  3. Harpers Holding (39)

Shearling Rams

  1. AW Davies (12)
  2. R & J Twose (31)
  3. WJ & DJ Williams (15)

Champion Ram – AW Davies (12)

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