Lleyn Sheep Society – Annual Sale at Ross on Wye

High clearance rates after a buoyant sale at Ross on Wye.  The sheep forward were a great credit to the vendors as the quality was notable.  MVA senior ewes saw 100% clearance. There were several commercial buyers there for numbers in the shearling section, they were prepared to give £150-160 for the stronger shearing ewes.  Those not as strong were being taken home at £130-£140.  The section saw a clearance over 91%.  With 95% clearance in the ewe lambs, they saw a spritely trade with stronger tupping lambs getting away over £90 and into three figures.  Running lambs were being taken home from £65 to £80/head depending on size and type.  Rams also saw buyers around the ring till the end with an 85% clearance and an average £44.50 up on the year.

The senior ewe section was topped at £92/head twice.  Firstly, A Thomas, Vale of Glamorgan sold a pen of nine three year olds to R Miller, Slawston.   N Hogetts, Whittington sold six two year olds to Richard Vines, Rudhall.  A Tomas sold four pens of three year olds at £90/head to T Rees, Carmarthen and G Goring, Dorstone.

The shearling ewes saw two pens top at £200/head.  First, the first prize pen of five from J Hamer, Oswestry sold to I Irwin, Umberleigh.  Next the second prize pen of 5 from E & D Jones, Machynlleth sold to C Jenkins, Aberystwyth.  Three pens realised £185/head.  J Hamer sold the second prize pen of ten to GH Woollatt Farming, Chepstow.  E & D Jones sold a pen of seven to G Hopkin, Llanhari and D Steen Moffatt sold a pen of nine to Wiltshire College.  G & A Fort sold his first prize pen of ten for £175/head to R Miller, Slawston.

C & J Price, Brecon won first with both the pen of five and ten and topped the prices.  The pen of five sold for £175/head to A Selway, Stalbridge.  The pen of ten sold for £125/head to AJ Jones & Son, Raglan.  WJ & DJ Williams, Pwllheli sold the second prize pen of five for £108/head to A Thomas, Cowbridge.  D O’Brien, Blackwood sold his five for £108/Head to Tom Beeby, Loughborough.

The top priced ram came from the pen of L Organ, Llandysul.  Southam Hopper (00306/1802249) sired by Lochar Braveheart sold for 2200gns to T Rees, Carmarthen.  Next saw the first prize ram from G & A Fort, Keighley sell for 1600gns.  Fort High Voltage (01656/1816885) by Celt Felix sold to the judge Colin Price, Brecon.  It was a telephone bid of 1300gns from H Goldie, Dumfries which secured a purchase of a Lluest ram (00599/1809747) sired by Wraycastle Edwardo, sold by E & D Jones, Machynlleth.  C Lewis, Powys sold Brynowen Harvey (01159/1803400) sired by Brynowen Govener for 1250gns to MH Miller, Dorset.


Senior ewes to £92 av. £89 (85% clearance)

Shearling Ewes to £200 av. £149.50 (91% clearance)

Ewe Lambs to £175 av. £87.50 (93% clearance

Rams to 2200gns av. £588.50 (84% clearance)

Top Prices

Senior Ewes

A Thomas £92

N Hogetts £92

A Thomas £90 (x4)

AW Hughes £88

W & B Lewis £88

N Hogetts £85

Shearling Ewes

J Hamer £200

E & D Jones £200

J Hamer £185

E & D Jones £185

DJ Steen £185

E & D Jones £180

J Hamer £175

G & A Fort £175

E & L Thomas £175

DJ Steen £175

Ewe Lambs

C & J Price £175

C & J Price £125

D O’Brien £108

WJ & DJ Williams £108

PS Hale £105

C & J Price £105

PS Hale £100

AW Davies £98

ST Morris £96

Twose Farms £95


L Organs (403) 2200gns

G & A Fort (420) 1600gns

E & D Jones (461) 1300gns

C Lewis (425) 1250gns

AW Davies (412) 1100gns

E & D Jones (462) 1100gns

HM Wells (415) 980gns

E & D Jones (463) 900gns

JA & R Geldard & Sons (458) 850gns

HM Wells (414) 820gns

Show Results


Females – Mr Dylan Vaughan, Clarbeston Road

Rams – Mr Colin Price, Brecon

5 Shearling Ewes

  1. J Hamer
  2. E & D Jones
  3. PS Hale

10 Shearling Ewes

  1. G & A Fort
  2. J Hamer
  3. WW & JA McCurdie

5 Ewe Lambs

  1. C & J Price
  2. WJ & DJ Williams
  3. PS Hale

10 Ewe Lambs

  1. C & J Price
  2. PS Hale

Shearling Ram

  1. G & A Fort (420)
  2. E & D Jones (463)
  3. AW Davies (412)

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