Annual Show & Sale at Ballymena Mart

High demand for breeding females in Ballymena with 100% of ewes and shearling ewes finding new homes and high clearance rates in other sections.  The shearling ewes saw 16 pens topping the £200 mark.  It was R Millen, Coleraine topping with the second prize pen selling for £275/head to R Paynter, Hockley.  B & E Latimer, Trillick sold the first prize pen to the same buyer for £250/head.  D Mullen, Coleraine sold his fourth prize pen for £250/head to J Vance, Ballintra.  The third prize pen from C & A Kennedy, Ballyclare sold for £235/head to F McKenna, Omagh.  

Ewe lambs were topped by B & E Latimer, their first prize pen sold for £190/head followed by two pens at £150/head, all were purchased by P Jennings, Birr.  G Calwell, Ballymena sold his third prize pen at £140/head to D Dunne, Redhill.  Both R Millen and C & A Kennedy sold pens to £140/head, both lots purchased again by P Jennings.  Many lambs selling around £120-£140 with some smaller lambs being picked up for £90-£110.

Rams saw plenty ofdemand with the average £140 up on the year.  The top price of the day, £2250 was given for the first prize ram from D Mullen, Ringsend.  Mullamore Jake (02022/2002967) sired by a Lluest ram sold to the days judge Ian Walling who had travelled over from Selkrik, Scotland.    Mr Mullen sold Mullamore Jungle Boy (02022/2002946) by the same Lluest sire for £1250 to J Bradley, Maghera.   Next B & E Latimer sold Girgadis Joker (01694/2004322) sired by Netherton Eddy, he realised £1450 when purchased by J Coulter, Newtownards. 


Senior ewes to £105 av £105

Shearling ewes to £275 av £184

Ewe lambs to £190 av £115

Rams to £2250 av £804

Top Prices

Senior ewes

AF Cunningham £105

Shearling ewes

R Millen £275

B & E Latimer £250

D Mullen £250

C & A Kennedy £235

R Millen £230

B & E Latimer £225

D Mullen £225

D Mullen £220

B & E Latimer £210

J Coulter £210

Ewe Lambs

B & E Latimer £190 

B & E Latimer £150 (x2)

G Calwell £140

R Millen £140

C & A Kennedy £140

B Orr-Berwick £135

B & E Latimer £135

B & E Latimer £130

G Caldwell £130

R Millen £130

J McKavanagh £130 (x3)

S Killen £130


D Mullen (127) £2250

B & E Latimer (135) £1450

D Mullen (129) £1250

B & E Latimer (137) £950

D Mullen (128) £900

B & E Latimer (134) £900

J & C Kennedy (113) £820

C & A Kennedy (123) £800

J & C Kennedy (115) £680

B & E Latimer (136) £650

Show Results

Judge: Ian Walling, Selkirk

Shearling Ram

  1. D Mullan (127)
  2. J & C Kennedy (113)
  3. B & E Latimer (135)
  4. C & A Kennedy (123)

Pen of Five Shearling Ewes

  1. B & E Latimer
  2. R Millen
  3. C & A Kennedy
  4. D Mullan

Pen of Ewe Lambs

  1. Barry & Elaine Latimer
  2. C B Quigley
  3. George Calwell
  4. Seamus Killen

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